Old No. 7 RFC

Old #7 was formed when the Bulls changed sponsorships from the Schlitz Brewery to Jack Daniels Distillery. The connection with Jack Daniels was through Tom Baker.  Old #7 changed to a green jersey with a black stripe.

Old #7 – 1974

Old #7 – 1977

Old No. 7 RFC—1976 roster
Eastern Rugby Union (South)
President—Ken “Mad Dog” McBride; Coach and Captain—Mike Ellis.
Other team members: Larry Allen, Bobby Armour, John Armour, Taylor Bahn, Tom Baker, Hardy Barton, Frank Bell, Steve Bouchock, Tom Boudeau, John Busby, Chris Butterick, Willie Caldwell, Charlie Chaplo, Steve Cieplienski, Kim Ciftci, Staley Colvert, Thoni Falcetta, Jimmy Fant, Jack Flanagan, Sandy Frazier, Tom Furlotte, Paul Goodman, Peter Jones, Tom Jones, Andy Koch, Jeff Larkin, Richard Lynch,  Freddie McDonough, Dave McNally, Dennis Nichols, Russ Pitner, Joe Piepmeier, Gabe Ragghianti, Rob Rockhold, Rich Roman, Paul Scott, George Smartt, Graham Smith, Jim Smith, Tim Sullivan, Rocky Turner, Jeff Weiman, Steve Williams, Rick Wortz.

Ken with Tom Baker passing out trophies at Memphis in May Tournament – 1976


Aspen Colorado 1979

Team in Aspen – Top row – Jimmy Fant, Miles O’Keffe, Steve Williams, Jim Baird, Ralph Parks, Rick Knowles, Walley Dyke, Ken McBride, Tom Jones, Virgil Vaughn, Roger Swatzyna, Rick Bolton

Bottom Row – Hardy Barton, Liphshits?, Rick Cole, Tony Lubiani, Richard Lynch, Steve Swatzyna, Sandy Frazier, Hardy Barton and Tom Baker.