The Memphis Bulls evolved from the Wanderers around 1973 when they gained a sponsorship from the Schlitz Brewery… and thus the bull.

Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull

Bulls – 1973

Bulls – 1974

1974 Roster included – Sandy Frazier, Tom Baker, Tony Lubiani, Melvin Wilkerson, Willie Caldwell, Richard Lynch, Mike Ellis, Ken McBride, Steve Williams, Jimmy Fant.

Ken “Mad Dog” McBride with the ball of the day.  All Leather.

Some did not like leaving the Wanderers and returned to the maroon and white jerseys to form the Wanderers II.

Tom Baker had a connection with the Jack Daniels distillery and the financial support spurred the team to make a sponsor change.  The Bulls changed their name to Old#7 and their colors to green and black to support Jack Daniels.