The Memphis Rugby Hall of Fame celebrates the individuals who have made Memphis rugby so very important to so many. The inductees embody values of The Game and have created the sport we enjoy today.

Rugby Values

Over the years there have been many teams playing rugby in Memphis.  The Memphis Rugby Foundation desires to identify those individuals who have contributed to the growth, development and advancement of the game of rugby in and around Memphis and to celebrate their accomplishments.

If you know of a deserving individual, contact representatives of the Memphis Rugby Foundation and nominate the candidate for recognition.  As far as we know, here are a listing of teams that played in Memphis.

Wanderers, Bulls, Memphis Rugby Club, Dry Gulch, Old#7, Memphis Bells, Blues, Flamingos, UM Tigers, Bluff City Kings

We will celebrate the accomplishments of players, administrators, referees, coaches and supporters. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site.